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A contemporary and affordable preparatory school with smaller, tailored classes

At Eden Village Preparatory School we provide a quality and affordable mainstream education to children from Grades 1-7.

Limited to two classes per grade, with between 18 and 20 pupils per class, Eden Village Prep provides a highly personalised teaching experience for pupils to thrive in the opportunities created by a smaller class environment. With our smaller class sizes, and a focus on differentiated teaching techniques and learning styles, we encourage pupils to develop learner agency - ownership and control of their learning - thus challenging each child to reach their full potential. It also enables us to accommodate pupils who learn at different rates, including those children seeking to overcome specific short-term barriers to learning.

Eden Village Prep is a private independent school, registered with the Department of Basic Education. We follow a CAPS curriculum with a strong emphasis on literacy, numeracy and enquiry based learning techniques. We recognise that traditional mainstream education must evolve and respond to rapidly advancing globalisation and technology dynamics. Our distinctive, progressive approach to education focuses on teaching children how to become independent learners who are intrinsically motivated, intentionally developing mastery in the skills and attitudes of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and co-creation, grit and determination, creative enquiry and innovation. We prepare our pupils for their future by providing an engaging learning environment that grows them academically, emotionally, socially, physically and attitudinally.


Eden Village Prep is committed to a philosophy of Inclusion; where our thinking, planning and actions revolve around ensuring all individuals: pupils, parents and guardians and our team, feel accepted, valued, and safe. Our school structures and curriculum are designed to match an evolving local & international landscape, and to meet the requirements of pupils with a wide range of learning strengths, abilities and needs.

Eden Village Prep provides a range of action sports, together with links and strategic partnerships with a wide range of sporting specialists and other schools, which enables our learners to participate in a variety of sports to suit their preferences and aptitudes.

A warm welcome from our Founding Principal

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Astra Russell


It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school, Eden Village Preparatory School, which we have established in order to provide pupils with access to smaller class sizes, and therefore a more personalised approach to education.

Following the completion of my tenure as Principal of Umhlali Preparatory School in 2018, I realised that I was not ready for retirement and was thrilled when the founders of Eden Village Preparatory School approached me to take on the role of Founding Principal, so fulfilling a long-held dream of developing a contemporary mainstream school with a much needed smaller-class offering on the North Coast, where education can be tailored to meet the unique learning needs of each pupil.

Set within the picturesque grounds of Eden Village, our school provides parents with a quality and affordable education for their children within a peaceful and nurturing environment, surrounded by natural beauty.

At Eden Village Prep we have our hearts and minds set on delivering an education to our pupils that is relevant and adaptable to an evolving global landscape. As our children face the impending reality of the fourth industrial revolution, it is imperative that they are provided with the skills, attitudes and knowledge to enable them to make an impact in the workplace and humanity wherever they journey in life.

I dedicate much of my time to working with our teachers to develop a diverse range of teaching strategies, that will encourage and teach our learners to develop a deep sense of curiosity and a love of learning. We will foster a culture of participation in lessons so that learners learn to collaborate, while they tackle various tasks that stretch their abilities to think critically, creatively and complete assignments that further their education. In order for our pupils to thrive, our teachers will help each pupil to find and pursue their passion, developing a desire to learn more and achieve their developmental milestones. 

In addition to our typical mainstream classes of no more than 22 pupils, we have intentionally included a Leap class in Grades 1-5 at Eden Village Prep. These dedicated classes with a maximum of 14 pupils, are aimed at working with pupils to understand and overcome ('leap' over) their specific short-term barriers to learning. The inclusion of the Leap classes has always been a passion and a priority for me, especially for the wider Dolphin Coast community, where to date parents have either needed to travel to Livingstone Remedial School in Durban or undertake home schooling and support therapy for their children.

Being an all inclusive school, the interaction and wellbeing of our pupils will remain a priority, and with encouragement and support each pupil will be taught to be respectful of themselves, others and their surroundings. Pupils will also be taught to be resilient and organised, filled with the grit and determination to succeed in an ever-changing world. Our beautiful campus, modern facilities and resources, and most importantly our greatest resource: our staff, will be developed further thus allowing us to enhance the Eden Village Prep learning environment in which our learners can flourish. 

Registration with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education has commenced and the CAPS curriculum will be the guiding curriculum used in the school. Being an independent school will enable the teachers the flexibility to utilise different and diverse teaching strategies.

Partnerships and close relationships with clubs, organisations, the business community and benefactors will enable us to serve the wider community in a positive and meaningful manner. Visitors to our school are encouraged so affording you the opportunity to view the school in session. Please contact the school at for further information. 


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