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Our Classes

Our primary mandate at Eden Village Prep is to provide a quality and affordable mainstream education to children in the greater Ballito community.

Smaller class sizes, limited to 2 classes per grade, are a defining feature of our school that enables staff to learn the unique personality and learning traits of each child. Classes are structured according to a pupil competency ratio, which means we carefully group and mix pupils according to their specific academic needs and capabilities. With our smaller class sizes, and a focus on differentiated teaching techniques and learning styles, we encourage pupils to develop learner agency - ownership and control of their learning - thus challenging each child to reach their full potential. Smaller class sizes also enable our teachers to work hand-in-hand with pupils to understand and overcome short-term barriers to learning, generally within a 2–3 year timeframe.

Our distinctive, progressive approach to education focuses on teaching children how to become independent learners who are intrinsically motivated, intentionally developing mastery in the skills and attitudes of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and co-creation, grit and determination, creative enquiry and innovation.

Smaller Classes = Enhanced Learning


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