At Eden Village Prep we strive to provide the children with access to a rich array of 'micro' sports that play an integral role in their physical development, including: strength, proprioception and coordination, as well as effective teamwork, strategy, planning, mindset and tactical implementation. 
Starting team sports at a young age provides children with a platform to develop the ethos, techniques and capabilities necessary to give them an edge in the competitive world of sport and academics. With competency comes improved self-esteem and confidence, traits that we believe are incredibly important for children to develop and maintain at an early age.

We recognise that there is a close link between sport, academics and ambition. By guiding children into the wonderful world of team sports our teaching staff are given a special opportunity to inspire children in a fun, active and structured fashion towards setting dreams and goals for themselves and taking the necessary steps towards reaching their full potential. By ensuring there is always an underlying 'fun' element during practice and matches, is an important ingredient when it comes to developing and sustaining a child's passion and enjoyment of sport.
The competitive 'micro' sports that Eden Village campus will offer include: swimming: stroke development and enhancement, water polo, netball, basketball, hockey and soccer. We have coined the term: 'micro' sports in reference to sport that is played in a smaller arena in a quicker timeframe. These sports represent a prevalent trend in 21st Century living: the value of time and the desire to complete events faster in order to realise an outcome and fit more activities into a day.


Our team sports centre will include the following:

  • Hockey

  • Soccer

  • Netball

  • Basketball

The vision for our aquatic centre is as follows:


  • 25 meters in length

  • 12 meters wide = 6-lanes 

  • 2m deep throughout, enabling an appropriate water polo environment

  • Learn to swim pool; circa 6 meters x 4 meters

  • Spectator seating

  • Heated pool and covered roof for year-round swimming / all-weather conditions 

  • Lighting for evening practice and matches  

  • Direct access to the Seedlings Cafe 


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