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Our Mission

Our primary goal is to provide a quality, accessible and affordable mainstream educational offering to children in the greater Ballito community.

We are passionate about preparing the children of today for the world of tomorrow. Understanding that our world is advancing at an exponential rate with technology playing an expanding role in our lives, delivering more efficiency and faster response times, we know that we cannot predict nor teach the jobs of tomorrow today. However we can equip children with a mind-set that embraces change, teaching them how to think critically and creatively, singularly or seamlessly as a team, and how to anticipate and create opportunities.

As proudly South African citizens we know that there are considerable challenges ahead, both locally and abroad, and therefore our mission includes a mandate to teach our children the correct attitudes of patience, grit and determination. In a world of instant gratification and a tendency to quit early-on, it is imperative that our children are provided with plenty of opportunities to try and learn and keep trying until they succeed, all from an early age. Thus a nurturing yet explorative culture sits at the core of our mission, where learners feel free to take on challenges without the fear of failure and with the knowledge that there is as much support from staff and their contemporaries as they are willing and able to garner. As such, Collaboration and Co-creation will form routine practices that we intend to develop across the scholastic, social, cultural and sporting aspects of our school.

We also recognise that there is an advancing rate of unemployment globally, and that we have a responsibility to instil in our learners the necessary attitudes and habits required to create enterprise and turn the tide.

We have purposely expanded our mandate to include remedial education for pupils with specific, short-term barriers to learning. We recognise the critical importance of identifying and addressing these challenges as early in a child's development as possible, in order to minimise any negative impact on a pupil’s self esteem, and to tap into their developing neural pathways. Together with Village Kidz Preschool we will support learners with specific, short-term barriers to learning from Grade-R through to Grade-4 and ultimately up to Grade-7.

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