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Meet the people behind Eden Village Prep

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Diana de Rauville

Board of Governors

Diana is the Director of de Rauville Inc. Diana was born in Durban but immigrated to Canada in 1986.  There she attended St. Michael’s University School where it was compulsory to learn Japanese and play a stringed instrument. Though Diana’s Japanese and skill on the violin are equally dismal she is grateful to have had such an opportunity and experience. Following the first democratic elections in 1994 Diana’s family returned to South Africa and she completed her schooling at the Wykeham Collegiate in Pietermaritzburg. Diana then attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown were she completed her BA, LLB, following which she spent a year living, working and travelling in the United States. Diana is qualified as an attorney and conveyancer in South Africa and a solicitor of England and Wales.  Diana spent several years working in London specialising in maritime law. In 2012 Diana moved to Salt Rock to raise her young family with her husband Richard. Diana believes that our children have a great benefit growing up in this small laid back community, but that it is essential to maintain a global outlook in order to ensure the best for their future.

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barriers to learning

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